Charlie's Phoenix

727 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Monday - Pussy LeHoot LIVE

Join the Queen of Charlie's for live performances, stories and fun conversation 

Tuesday - Blackout Bingo 

Join Adrianna Galliano & Piper M'Shay for a fun night of BINGO

Wednesday - Claudia & Co

Join Claudia B and Special Guest

Thursday - Pippin Hot Thursdays

Join Piper M'Shay and Special Guest 

Friday  / Saturday / Sunday

Join the Charlie Phoenix House Queens with Special Guest 


No upcoming events at the moment

Kobalt Bar ​

3110 N. Central Ave, Ste. 175, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Monday - Naughty or Nice Bingo

Join Olivia Gardens for a night of Bingo, win fun prizes  

8:00 pm 

Friday - 4 Some Revue 

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