Stasha Garcon is the mother of the House of Garcon in season two of Legendary. The house members that she is responsible for are Egypt Garcon, Milan Garcon, Savion Garcon and Tonka Garcon. 

Outside the show, but still in the Ballroom Scene she is the Iconic Overall godmother of the House of Garcon and walks in the FQ Face and Body categories. 

Outside of the scene, Stasha is a pageant legend, winning titles like Miss Continental and Miss Gay USofA, for example.  She also has a drag family with renamed daughters, like Tyra Sanchez, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race. 



Vogue – All vogue elements are required: catwalk, duck-walk, hand performance, floor performance, spins/drips. Performer should be on beat with movements, including dips. Presentation could be any gender


Executive Realness –  Executive Realness requires: Business Attire and runway walk.  Presentation could be of any gender.


Butch Queen in Pumps – This category is designed to allow a cisgender male.  This category requires a butch attire, but heels are the shoes.  Elements include runway walk and masculine features.


 FACE - This category is designed to allow the participant to sell their face, like they are on a photo shoot set for a major fashion magazine. The point is to highlight their face, their best features, in the way they move down the runway, use their hands, and angle their face.

Pride Ball is scheduled to run from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm on Friday, June 25, 2021 at Charlie's Phoenix 


All participants should arrive no later then 7:30 pm and be ready for their category by 8:00 pm 


All cash prizes will be paid for at the end of the event.

All participants must be 21 and older with valid State ID or gov't passport. 

Become a participant in the PRIDE BALL as an individual or as a Haus of 4
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