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ArizonaDrag.com was created in July 2008 by creator and founder Edward Michael. A small idea to support and promote local entertainers quickly became a Social Media Phenomenon. 

Since it’s creation ArizonaDrag.com has created and produced a variety of events in Arizona including our signature events the ArizonaDrag.com Diamond Crystal Awards and Dragalicious.

ArizonaDrag.com has proudly worked with local and national entertainers along with various charity organizations to give back to the community.

Throughout the year’s ArizonaDrag.com has introduced a variety of Entertainers from all across the Country to the Valley of the Sun and the State of Arizona.  It has also introduced various pageant systems and established itself as the one stop spot for “The Source of Drag”




Edward Michael is a drag enthusiast.  Originally from Tucson, Arizona he moved to the Valley of the Sun Phoenix, Arizona to more opportunity.  Since being in Phoenix, Arizona he has quickly established himself as a community leader by participating in various charity events and producing events. 

He has been involved with the Barbra Seville Wonderful 100 which in the span of 10 year’s helped raised a quarter of a million dollars for Aunt Rita’s Foundation during Aids Walk Phoenix. In 2014 he got involved with the Phoenix Pride Organization as Entertainment Manager and now helps produce Entertainer for the two largest festivals in the State of Arizona.

He is a decorated individual with many accomplishments and awards including 2019 Mr. Gay America Award of Excellence and the 2019 Linda A Hoffman Phoenix Pride Spirit Award, 2018 Business Man of the Year and 2014 Promoter of the Year for Miss Gay Arizona USofA Newcomer.

He currently is the promoter for the Mr. Gay Arizona America Contest, a regional preliminary to the Mr. Gay America National Contest.



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