What’s your best advice you would give someone who wants to do Drag?

Roman: The best advice I would give someone who wants to do drag is that it is not all glitter and glamour. You must really know who you are as yourself and you have to really know who you are as your drag persona.  

Von Teaze: Just do it. Drag is your own art, we all start somewhere. Show us who you really are and the artist you want to be.  If you have the passion for it do it for you and how you want to do it.

Does you come from a Drag family?

Roman: Well my last name Holiday comes from “Holy Day" which I believe comes from Jesus. I am a Son of an Ish. Arizona Male performer Ish is my drag father. My drag mother is Eva Angelica Stratton. Recently I discovered I might have another reason to Sevillabrate…. 

Von Teaze: Yes, I am from the Glam family.  It first started as a couple of friends hanging out and we grew to be sisters and I couldn’t be more happy.

What does the art of drag mean to you?

Roman: It means sharing a part of you. Drag gives you the chance to be someone else. Maybe it’s someone you have always wanted to be. Maybe it's a part of you that you don’t get to share because you lead a busy life and don’t have the time. The art of drag gives you that opportunity to let go and be free to live as whoever or share whatever part of you that needs an outlet 

Von Teaze: Drag to me means Passionate, Art, Confidence, Strength, Talent.  Every performer who goes out there does what they love.

What’s the biggest difference between you on and off stage?

Roman: On stage I am very high energy. Off stage I could lay in bed and watch TV all day.

Von Teaze: I don’t see a big difference between Von Teaze or Oscar except I am more entertaining in drag. LOL! 

(Sunday, February 9, 2019) Phoenix, Arizona:

The 2019 AGRA Royalty Competition was held on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at Charlie's Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. 

A total of 4 contestants competed 3 for Miss and 1 for Mr. The contestants were Celeste Powers, Nikki Star  and Piper M'Shay for Miss and Mahlon Lovell uncontested for the Mr. 

​The contestants competed in various categories and our new Royalty was crowned Mahlon Lovell and Piper M'Shay. 

The Arizona Gay Rodeo is February 15, 16 and 17, 2019 at Corona Ranch in Laveen, Arizona. For more information

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How did you get your Stage Name?

Roman: I named myself after a Male dance that a friend of mine was dating who was also my favorite dancer to watch in Ballet Arizona, Roman.  My first last name was U’Elle but I started performing around the holiday’s and had a lot of ideas about holiday marketing so it changed to Roman Holiday.  Dallas told me I can’t keep changing my name because no one will know who I am so Roman Holiday it was.

Von Teaze: I’ve always been a fan of Dita Von Tease.  I wanted to reflect my Drag in someone so classy seductive and beautiful as she is, so I decided to name myself Von Teaze Glam.

 What is your style of Drag?

Roman: My style of drag is very high energy.  I love doing 80’s and musical theater.  I’m not an illusionist so you’ll never get any illusions from me, but you will get a choreographed interpretation of what the artist is trying to say during the song.

 Von Teaze: I love old Hollywood, I like to be sexy seductive with a hint of humor. 

Do you remember the first song you performed, the first stage and how you felt about it?

Roman: I performed Dirty Diana as a Talent number when I competed for Mr Icepics.  It was an amazing feeling, I wanted a bigger stage.

Von Teaze: It was Thalia – Mujer Latina.  I was super nervous, and I had no clue what I was getting myself into.  I hit the stage and I had so much confidence I didn’t know where it came from.  I loved the energy and entertaining the audience, I never wanted it to end.

What is your main goal as a Drag Entertainer?

Roman: My main goal as a Drag Entertainer is to be true to myself.  I owe it to the dancer in me to continue sharing my gift.  Dance is a beautiful form of expression and not everyone is great with their words.  I want to be able to get the point across and tell you a story without saying any words.  As a drag performer I also want to entertain, I want to inspire, I want to make someone smile.

Von Teaze: My main goal is to be involved with the community, not just to entertain, but also be able to help in anyway I can.  Drag is a beautiful art and it helped me a lot I want to be able to pay it forward and give back.

What has been your greatest achievement in Drag? What has been your most embarrassing?

Roman: My greatest achievement was winning the National Mr. American National Star. My most embarrassing was being striped of that title.

Von Teaze: My greatest achievement in drag was gaining my confidence.  I was a very shy boy when I first started and it helped me to be the person I am today.  I have a great family and friends that love and support me, Drag helped me find that. 

What was your first experience with the art of Drag?

Roman: My first experience with the art of Drag was Kiki Andrew’s at Amsterdam doing a Sister Act routine.  I knew I had no desire to dress as a female impersonator, but a couple of years later I saw the Men of Strut show and met Dallas, Ish and Geo.

Von Teaze: My first experience with Drag was a show in Las Vegas, I was so inspired by the art and the stunning performers that a week later I decided to give it a try for myself.

Following that first experience, what made you want to get into the profession?

Roman: After I saw the Men of Strut Dallas, Ish and Geo and working as a dancer at Icepics I knew I wanted to eventually be on stage and perform like them.  Dallas was a great business mentor and taught me about my image and business and Geo and Ish were always around to support and motivate.

Von Teaze: I like the reaction towards me, I loved entertaining the audience.  I enjoyed the friends that I made and I wanted to show who I was a performer, my art and entertainment.

Mister & Miss Arizona Drag

The Interview

Who inspires you as a Drag performer?

Roman: My mentors Ish and Geo. Ish has this confidence and presence that commands attention. Geo is so artistic and creative with all his performances. It is beautiful to see an artist being true to himself.

 Eva Angelica Stratton inspires me. She is stunning inside and out. She has an infectious smile that she keeps on and off the stage.

 Savannah Stevens was one of the first drag queens I ever back up danced for. She brought me shoes to wear for my talent number at my first pageant. She was one of the only drag queens to reach out and book me when I came home with my National title and has continued to be a support throughout my drag career. She is always put together from head to toe and I really look up to her and inspire to be as beautiful and compassionate as she is as Roman Holiday.

 Von Teaze: Sasha Colby, she is such an amazing entertainer and super gorgeous. I just love her.

This past November you won the title of Mister or Miss Arizona Drag Pride. What made you want to get involved in the Pride pageant system?

Roman: This is my fourth year competing for the title and it is an organization and title that I know I will hard for and have worked hard for. I am passionate about the community and organization and that why I continue to compete.

 Von Teaze: Pride is perfect for me as an entertainer.  I love that pride gives back to the community and I want to be a part of that, I want to be a part of something that gives back to the community because that who I am, I like to give back.

Why did you choose Arizona Drag as your preliminary of choice?

​Roman: Arizona Drag is a nationally known organization that provides information about the drag community. It provides me with many performance opportunities and community involvement opportunities and I believe that these opportunities are the next step I need to take to take my drag career to the next level. I believe when you win a prelim it should not just be a ticket to the final competition. After the competition you should still be promoting and involved with your organization. I believe in the positive encouragement Arizona Drag has provided the drag community and I am humble to Mister Arizona Drag 2019. 

Von Teaze: has an amazing promoter who is such a sweet heart, they have had some great talented queens.  I wanted to have a chance to be a part of that and give Arizona Drag another Latina Queen.