(January 21, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona) Vicky Summers won the title of Miss Rock becoming the 17th qualified contestant for the 2018 Mister & Miss Phoenix Pride Pageant.  Vicky competed against two other contestants Franzia Grande and Mishal Mishal.  Mishal Mishal won Evening Gown and Vicky won Talent and On Stage Question. 

​Vicky now joins Valentina Knowles, Alexus Montoya, Charmaine Honeywell, Mya McKenzie, Aubrey Ghalichi, Naomi Glam Demornay, Sassy Diaz, Lisa St. Laurant and Rubye Moore as qualified contestants for the 2018 Miss Phoenix Pride Pageant.  The 2018 Miss Phoenix Pride Pageant takes place Sunday March 18, 2018 at the Doubletree Hotel in Tempe, Arizona.  Tickets on sale now at phoenixpride.org

The next preliminary to Mister & Miss Phoenix Pride is Sunday January 28, 2018 at The Cash for Mister & Miss Krazzy Latinos Honoring Mishal Mishal & Ish. 



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The Queer Agenda is about issues where our identities intersect. In the Drag World it’s about acceptance and Entertainers who may be a bit different then what you normally would see on a stage.  But, all that’s about to change as a group of four individuals are set to embark on a show perfectly entitled “The Queer Agenda” but has the agenda really just begun or has it been around for a while.

Carnita K. Asada, Benaddiction, Dahli and Rubye Moore make up the new cast of “The Queer Agenda” a new show debuting Tuesday Nights at Stacy’s at Melrose starting February 13, 2018.  These four entertainers may get a double take based on their style of drag, but their message goes way beyond their look.

“The Queer Agenda is a stage where individuals of all types can come together and be celebrated for their creativity and self-expression in however way they want without fear of not fitting in. “said Carnita K. Asada “Many entertainers get told they aren’t good enough just because their different, weird, strange or alternative.  It’s not a bad thing.”

The Queer agenda will be given back to the community said Asada “Every dollar made will go back to our own community.  We truly want to support our next generation of artist and want to see them succeed and not be threatend by them, but by being encouraged by the amazing talents this city shows have yet to embrace”

Benaddiction the winner of Bs West The Next Big Star and co-producer of the show Sis has already been showing the alternative style of drag along with his co-host Rubye Moore during their bi-monthly show.  Dahli a cast member from hit show “The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 2” gloried the alternate style of drag since his appearance on the show and has also helped welcomed from several guests from previous seasons introducing the audience to “a different side of drag”

ArizonaDrag.com sat down with the cast of “The Queer Agenda” and throughout the next several weeks you will read the interviews from the cast that talk about the new show, how drag is changing and what they think drag will look like in 5 years.

Our first Interview will be available February 20, 2018