ArizonaDrag.com is a website dedicated to the art of Drag in Arizona and Nationally.  

In 2009 a small idea to create a website to inform the community about the local drag scene in Arizona turned into a Nationally known website promoting and supporting Drag in Arizona and Nationally by it's Owner/Managing Director Edward Michael.  Since it's launched in 2009 ArizonaDrag.com has been informing the community about i's local and National entertainers with their Queen, King, Male and National Performers of the Month Interviews. It also provides a list of Show's and Event's with it's Show/Event Calendar and keep's the Drag World up to date with it's Nationally known pageant coverage. 

In 2010 ArizonaDrag.com celebrated it's 1 year anniversary with it's show called Dragalicious welcoming it's first Ru Paul Drag Race Star Raven from Season 2 of Ru Paul's Drag Race to a sold out sold in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2010 it has welcomed superstars such as Carmen Carrera, Yara Sophia, Kenya Michaels, Lawanda Jackson, Layla LaRue and in 2011 welcomed the first Winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race Raja to The Rock in Phoenix, Arizona followed by it's biggest show to date with over 600 people attending it's Dragalicious III event welcoming Sharon Needles the winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 4 in 2012.  

Outside of educating the local community and producing shows ArizonaDrag.com has also been involved in the community joining Barbra Seville's Wonderful 100 for the past 4 year's and helping raise over $100,000 in 4 year's for Phoenix Aids Walk. ArizonaDrag.com also received the award for Business Partner of the Year in 2012 by Central Arizona Rainbow Education, and was featured in Ion Arizona Magazine in 2010.

About Us

The Source for Drag in Arizona & Nationally


Edward Michael is a native of Tucson, Arizona.  He began his career as a promoter by becoming a city preliminary promoter for the Miss Gay Arizona USofA pageantry system in 2007.  After 2 year's of preliminary promoting he continued promoting in the USofA system by becoming the State promoter for Miss Gay Arizona USofA at Large, Miss Gay Arizona USofA Newcomer and the regional promoter for Mr Gay Westcoast USofA.

In 2011 he was honored along with his co-promoters as "Promoter of the Year" at the National Miss Gay USofA Newcomer pageant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  After taking a break from promoting pageants he introduced Arizona to the Mr & Miss continental pageantry system by promoting Mr & Miss Westcoast Continental.  He is now promoting for the Mr Gay USofA Pageant system as the promoter for Mr Gay Westcoast USofA & Mr Gay Westcoast USofA at Large as we'll as Mr & Miss Arizona Drag an official preliminary to the Mister & Miss Phoenix Pride Pageant System. 

Other then promoting pageants Edward Michael volunteers with the Phoenix Pride Organization as Assistant Entertainment Manager and in his spare time you he makes crowds dance as a Disc Jockey at local club/bar or promoting event's with his second promotional company Solo Entertainment Productions.